What WIll you learn?

At Kizomba Heart2Heart, you will get detailed, step-by-step instruction in the basic steps of kizomba. Under the auspices of Kizomba Heart2Heart, you will learn enough to survive a night at any kizomba social, here and abroad. And, ultimately, you will be able to show off your moves at an upcoming festival.

Where is Kizomba From?

 Kizomba originated in Angola, Southern Africa in the late 1970s and was influenced by the hip circles and shadowing movements of the native Semba dance. Semba had been danced in the 1950s in Angola. Kizomba means "party" in Kimbundu, an Angolan language. Kizomba music and dance rose in popularity in the 1990s and are characterized by a slower, deliberate, more sensual rhythm peculiar to French Antillean compas and zouk. In fact, it was after hearing music from the French Antilles, Angolan musicians attempted to mimic the sounds while adding a very heavy and highly recognizable drumbeat – similar to that of reggae. Angola was a Portuguese colony until 1951, so most kizomba songs are written and performed in Portuguese. Newer kizomba musicians sing partially in English to appeal to an international audience. Additionally, popular American and European songs have been remixed by kizomba deejays to reflect a kizomba pattern and sound. These remixed songs have caused the music and dance to be accessed by audiences in places like North America.  In the 1990s, when kizomba music grew in popularity, Angolan semba dancers started to adapt their semba steps to kizomba tempo. Then, it took off across Europe and then around the world.

IF you answer yes to one of these questions, Heart2Heart is for you.

Want to learn a new dance

Do you ever get tired of your same old dance steps? Do you want to take up a new hobby?

Learn More about Kizomba

Have you taken at least one kizomba lesson but feel you need to learn more?

Would you like to PRactice Kizomba

Would you like to reinforce the basic steps you've learned in your weekly kizomba class?

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